Thursday, October 15

It's raining tears

Things are never as they appear to be.

Once you learn to accept that, your life should be a whole lot happier.

The problem with caring too much, is you bound to get hurt. Badly. And there's always a limit to how much hurt one heart can take. Until finally, you stop caring anymore.

And the moment you stop caring, that's the moment when you stop hurting. But the problem is, you'll end up hurting others.

But you don't care anymore, remember?

It's like the rain that keeps coming everyday. It will come as it pleases, with a slow drizzle or a heavy downpour. It will wreck havoc if it wishes too, with flash floods and loud thunderstorms. And every now and then, the wind will howl with the rain, creating the sound of life. And you pause for a moment, appreciating the slow dance of the raindrops on your windscreen. And for the briefest of moment, you remember the pain that you felt a long time ago, and how you grew from it. For the tiniest of moment, you start caring again for the world, for other beings.

And then the thunder strikes, and it jolts you from your moment.

The rain will always come.

Just as the pain will always stay.

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