Sunday, November 30

A free lunch

I love Sundays. It's always sunny on Sunday. Maybe not all the time, but most of the time, it is sunny. Probably that's why the called it Sunday. Sunny day. And today was no exception.

And Sunday is always associated with lazy. Time goes on as slowly as possible. You wake up in the morning, yet it feels like it's not the time to get out from bed yet. So you laze around in bed, until it's afternoon.

And then you realized, you just wasted a whole morning.

But that's okay, because it's a Sunday. Sunday mornings are meant to be wasted. No point getting up too early in the morning, unless of course if you want to catch Justice League Unlimited on TV. But not me though, Powerpuff Girls are on all day long this weekend, so I got enough dose of cartoons to last me a week. So it's the bed and me, and my pillows.

Of course, come afternoon, you know it's time to get out of bed and hit the shower when your stomach starts growling. But there's nothing in the kitchen worth eating, except for some expired yogurt and leftover pizzas from last week. And you don't feel like eating out, can't really decide where to go, what to eat. It's such a hassle.

So what is the best thing to do? For me, easy. There's only one place: Carrefour Subang Jaya. Not only can you do your weekly grocery shopping at a low price (guaranteed, or they'll return back twice the difference to you, as stated on their walls), but you also get to sample a host of products, free of charge. All you need to do is grab a trolley, or a basket, and come in before 12 noon. The place is not that crowded yet, and there's enough food for everybody. Start walking the aisle. For me, I headed to the can section, where the soup stall is located. For starters, Campbell soup, hot from the stove. Next to the soup stall, Prego is there with their delicious spaghetti and sauce. And not for from there, a pretty girl is making fried rice with Seri Aji Thai Fried Rice. Walk around the corner, and you'll find TC Boy tuna sandwiches waiting for you.

Need a drink by now? Head to the drink section, there are plenty to choose from. There are Milo, Soyabean, Yogurt drink, Sprite and even Anlene. Then you can have some mushroom with black pepper oyster sauce, grilled fish, and even fried tempura and some light snack such as twisties and rice crackers. And while you're eating all these, keep an eye on the mobile Nescafe man, who moves around with a Nescafe dispenser on his back, distributing a cup of hot aromatic Nescafe to shoppers.

Last but not least, don't forget the desserts, with different flavours of ice cream to begin with, and some dried prunes to help with your digestion. Then another ice cold Sprite to wash everything down, and you're set for the day. A good lunch, and most importantly, a free one.

And yes, one last thing, grab that one cup of Yogurt(to replace the expired one in the fridge), put it in your trolley, or basket, and head out to the cashier.

Such a nice sunny Sunday. Don't you just love it?

Thursday, November 6


I have found the cure to constipation. Give me a Nobel Prize, give me an Olympic gold medal. I don't mind either. Not that I am constipated to begin with. My faculties are functioning well, thank you. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so they say.

I eat apples everyday, yet the doctor is always around. Can't seem to be far away from the doctor. Unless of course if I am a invisible, then I can hide from the doctor, and eat all the apples I want.

No, apples are not the cure to constipation. Nor are bananas. You might think they are, but they only work occasionally. Tennis players eat bananas during breaks, a bite at a time. Then they wrap it back up, and keep the banana in their bag. Not basketballers though. Basketballers drink Gatorade, with most of them preferring the orange one. Every timeouts, there's a cup of Gatorade in their hand. I love Gatorade, but 100 plus is cheaper here. So I drink 100 plus. I buy two bottles everytime I'm down in Carrefour, because that's the limit one can buy. It says so on the shelf: Limit two bottles per customer. Not that I'm complaining, because two bottles can last me for quite a while.

Unless of course if it's a hot day. There's nothing like a tall glass of cold 100 plus to quench your thirst. Or if I'm too lazy to eat dinner, like tonight. Never heard of anyone being too lazy to eat before. It's not like there's no food at home. There's plenty of food. But the act of getting the food and putting it in my mouth, well, I just don't have the stomach for it, literally speaking. Or come to think of it, I think I lost my appetite after taking that cure to constipation that I was talking about earlier. Not that I am constipated or anything, but I've already said that too.

So what is it that's so good that it can cure constipation, and also causes you to lose your appetite? It's available to you once a week, and it runs for about 40 minutes or so. Two words.

Ampang Medikal.