Tuesday, April 22

Down and almost out

I had a good piece about the NBA playoffs ready to be posted, when I suddenly realised that my favourite team is on the verge of being knocked out of the first round.

Not that there's anything new with that, since the Rockets with Tracy McGrady have never make it pass the first round before. Come to think of it, McGrady has never made it to the second round in his 10 years playing in the NBA. He was knocked out when he was playing for the Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic and now, I think he has jinxed the Houston Rockets as well.

What more can I say?

Rockets managed to finish a respectable fifth in the highly competitive Western Conference and managed to grab homecourt advantage against their first round opponent - Utah Jazz. Being eliminated by Jazz last year in 7 games, I'm sure revenge must be in some of the senior players mind, especially McGrady. But they fall in the first game, trailing throughout the whole game and shooting at a miserable 37% from the field. The main culprit: McGrady and Bobby Jackson, who is starting in the absence of point guard Rafer Alston.

And if I thought the first game was just a minor hiccup, they proved me wrong by losing the second game. So there goes the homecourt advantage. There goes the whole season just like that, and suddenly, 22 games winning streak seems like an eternity away. What's good is a streak if you can't just hold it up long enough to get you far in the playoffs?

Not that there is no chance for a comeback. There is still 5 games left in the series, and anything can happen. But statistically, it's a bit far-fetched. The Jazz is 37-4 during the regular season playing in Salt Lake City. That means they only lost 4 times, and that is indeed an impressive record. The only bright side about this is one of the losses is to the Rockets, so maybe there is still hope.

But in order for that to happen, they need to shoot better, distribute the ball more and one thing for sure, McGrady needs to step up and carry the team on his shoulder.

That, in my opinion, is the only way they can break the jinx.

Friday, April 18

Just breathe

Breathe, just breathe.

Pain is just a state of mind.

Even if my body is feeling the full wrath of it. But I have a strong mind, and I should be able to numb the pain away.


For now, all I need to do is just breathe.

Thursday, April 10


I have always wanted to write about it, but I kept telling myself to wait for the next episode, and each episode, I kept telling myself that. Until finally, there were no more episodes.

You see, everytime when I thought I had everything figured, there was another curve ball thrown, and everything went back to square one. Yes, the plot was that good, it was so good that I think it deserve a mention.

The plot was extremely good.

There, I've mentioned it.

But hang on, not only was the plot good, the songs in the series were definitely good too. I especially love the opening theme, and I've been searching for it with no luck so far. I think they should have a soundtrack for it, although it's unlikely, since it was only a 10 episodes series. Nevertheless, I would be the first one to buy it if word of the existence of the soundtrack is true.

If you think the plot and the songs were good, wait till you see the lead characters. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Cheryl Samad. I think she played Eza really well, and the way she brought Eza to life, it was absolutely magnificent. But don't believe every word I say, since I might be bias considering I've had a crush on her for ages now. I love her sad and terrified face, and when she cried in the show. You don't get to see that often, and I can really feel her sadness or anger. I wonder if she is seeing anyone at the moment. I wonder if she would be interested in me. I wonder if she would be sad if she misses me.

Not that it will ever happens. But I digress. Now where was I?

Did I mentioned I watch the series because of her?

Apart from Cheryl, Nazrudin Rahman also played a big part in the series. You might remember him as the cheery and happy guy from other 8TV series, namely KL Lights, and also Realiti. You just can't help it but laugh when you look at him. He has such a funny face, that it is weird to see him sad and angry in this series. But that proves that he can act, and act well he did.

Ghost is basically not your typical Malay series. Unlike Bella, and other such dramas from TV3, where there are lots of rich people, corporate battles and love triangles, it is more relaxed and provide a fresh insight to the imagination. You'll be wondering about the connections of each characters, and how the story would end. Of course, anything is possible, until you watch the final episode. It is such a mind blowing experience that it feels like you're watching CSI or Criminal Minds.

I know a lot of people have reservations about mixing English and Malay in dramas, but I think it is perfectly normal. We converse in both languages in our everyday's life, and what is wrong with portraying our unique Malaysian life in a series? Of course, there are limits to everything, but I think Ghost shows that you can mix about anything as long as you do it correctly.

Of course, it helps a lot having Ng Ping Ho of the Kopitiam fame as the director.

So what is it all about? Basically, it's about Zack Imran, a famous movie star, who died in a car accident. He was drunk, and he smashed his car and died. But that wasn't the whole truth. He was murdered, and that was why his soul still wander around. To find his killer.

Enter Eza, a young and smart journalist for a tabloid newspaper. After being dumped by his boyfriend, she encountered Zack at the parking lot, and offered him her place to stay for the night, since he looked lost and disorientated. Little did she know at that time that Zack has died, and she was the only one who can see and communicate with him.

After convincing Eza to help him, their investigation revealed more about themselves that they would like to admit. Zack wasn't an angel when he was alive, and the deeper they went into it, the more Eza got to know about him. Bad stuffs. And the suspects were plentiful. Almost everyone introduced in the series have reasons to kill Zack.

But I'm not spoiling it up for you. For those of you who missed the series (it was aired on 8TV Sunday at 10.30pm), you can still catch it here. Watch them all, there are only 10 episodes anyway.

For now, I'll leave you with the opening theme, written by Douglas Lim and Chelsia Ng.